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SuperState Africa in the Literary Imagination

The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) organized a public lecture last week,
which took place at the House of Democracy. The topic particularly focused on an
African continent rife with impunity and corruption.

 Corruption is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, which most countries are
struggling with. Spreading ever faster, corruption rates have skyrocketed in Africa over the past decades.

Although some African countries have been able to curb out their level of corruption, the rates have reached new levels, driven by greed and poverty many government officials are amongst the practioners of corruption.

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As part of an educational experience on Thursday, 16 November the Hanns Seidel
Foundation organized a public lecture with Chuma Nwokol who is a Nigerian author and editor of the “African writing and convener of the Bribe code and good governance project.

This lecture saw a wonderful turnout and a vibrant audience from different walks of life which consisted of students, authors and the media at large. The lecture was a one hour presentation which primarily focused on the rationale for Super-state Africa, which is to protect the institutions of Africa’s nation-states – ranging from presidencies to public agencies – from capture by home-grown colonists, and to liberate state resources from the grip of a few families and cliques to better serve Africa’s 1.3 billion citizens and 3000 ethnic peoples.

In his presentation, Chuma Nwokolo, drew on his latest novel,’ The Extinction of Menai’, as well as other works of African literature to make a case for the super-state. He also comes to us with over three decades of experience as a lawyer to lay out a legal framework for it.

For more information visit:

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