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The Essentials of Conducting Meetings & Minute Taking


The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) recently conducted a workshop training in Berseba, on the essentials of conducting meetings and minute writing. The training also focused on the basic communication skills and project implementations. The workshop was facilitated by an HSF consultant and intern.


In an effort of promoting efficiency and improving the work of the Civil Society Organisations (CVO) the Hanns Seidel Foundation conducted a three-day training to equip the CVO with the right tools to better administer their organisations and to implement their projects accordingly.

During the training the facilitators compiled presentations based on three topics, conducting meeting, basic communication skills and the implementation of projects. The content of these presentations then served as the basis as the guide for the training.

Day one, the HSF consultant and intern focused on the importance of conducting meetings and the essentials of minute taking during these meetings. The Consultant also stressed on the importance behind having a productive meeting. The participants were then tasked into two small groups in which each was dedicated to conceptualising and preparing a meeting. The importance of this task was later presented with a basic format of conducting meetings by the consultants.

Day two focused on the basic communication skills needed to administer any organisation. The consultant engaged the participants into a discussion on their experiences on communicating within their Civil Society Organisation. The participants later engaged in a game which illustrated the importance of basic communication and how its importance within any organisation.  The last day of the training focused on the implementation of projects as participants were tasked individually to present projects that could benefit the community of Berseba and the other neighbouring villages. The consultant used a SWOT analysis as a method to identifying the success of each projects as a feed back to the participants.

After an engaging and informative workshop training, the closing remarks to the end of the workshop were given by the Deputy Chief, Stephanus Goliath gave his thanks for all the participants who took part and encourage the community members to work towards one common goal through the skills obtained of achieving social and economic development to the village of Berseba.


Compiled by: Penda Tegamena Hellao


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